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One of the things I particularly enjoy as a game designer is the process of creation and the evolution of an idea.

Since I had the idea for Ruse in 2019, the game has undergone several transformations. To balance specific mechanics, I iterated and made numerous modifications to simplify the flow and duration of a game.

After a quick look through my archives, I found seven major versions of Ruse. Here’s a summary of its development stages:

V0 — First sketches. The basic idea: a board with the exploration of 4 territories, action dice, player boards with fox kits and a far too complex scoring track, Hahaha!

V1 — Creating the first prototype to bring the concept to life.

V3 — Introducing a new prototype with a center and multiple levels for collecting resources.

V4 — Uploading the first version on Tabletopia for further testing and making adjustments, removing forest allies and changing the point track.

V5 — The idea of changing territory orientation and the “dice balancing” mechanism emerges, allowing players to choose between using their dice for actions or victory points.

V6 — Solidifying the basic components and mechanisms through international testing, focusing on perfecting the graphic design and making final adjustments.

V7 — The definitive version of Ruse – Instincts of the den!

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