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Board GamesDesignRuse – Evolution 2019 › 2023
February 18, 2024

Ruse – Evolution 2019 › 2023

One of the things I particularly enjoy as a game designer is the process of creation and the evolution of an idea. Since I had the idea for Ruse in…
DesignMeeples (Foxples) colours
March 10, 2023

Meeples (Foxples) colours

While developing RUSE, I tried to use colours for players representing varieties of foxes (Vulpes) to remain faithful to the theme. I saw no logic in using yellow, blue, red…
DesignBox color: survey results
February 10, 2023

Box color: survey results

Many of you participated in the survey for the colour of the box, using the form on the website, on Instagram, in comments on Facebook and interest groups! I even…

Ruse.Games Studio

Ruse.Games is an independent creative board game studio located in Montreal, Quebec. The studio is focused on creating rich, thematic, and visually appealing game experiences. Among their current and upcoming titles are Ruse Instincts of the Den, Bunny Boom, The Mix and Spirited Earth. Ruse.Games is owned and operated by Guillaume Boudreau, also known as Guime.