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Instincts of the Den

Kickstarter Edition

$130 CAD ($99 USD)



The Fox Board game

Raise your pack of kits more efficiently than other players. Ensure their growth and accelerate your game by developing their instincts in your den. RUSE Instincts of the Den invites you on an exhilarating adventure in a Fox-themed Mid-Weight Euro-style strategy game. Unique design with worker placement, territories exploration, resource, dice and action management. The player who accumulates the most victory points wins the game.

Players: 1-4 (5th player add-on available)
Ages: 14+
Time: 25 min per player

Included in the game

  • 1x Main board (2 sided)
  • 4x Personal boards (dual layered)
  • 4x Den board (dual layered)
  • 9x Den tiles (dual layered)
  • 88x Den path tiles
  • 12x Den path bonus tiles
  • 4x Den path bags
  • 1x Instincts board
  • 1x Destiny board
  • 7x Destiny tiles
  • 1x Destiny dice
  • 1x Day and night marker
  • 9x Instinct tiles
  • 5x Turn order tiles
  • 7x Ruse tiles
  • 24x Hunting tiles
  • 16x Empty dice tiles
  • 48x Territories tiles
  • 18x Exploration tiles
  • 12x Territories tracks tiles
  • 8x Common objectives tiles
  • 5x action dice placement tiles
  • 4x reference tiles
  • 1x Scoring tile
  • 4x Base obstacles tokens
  • 4x Wooden obstacles meeples (flat heads)
  • 1x Cheese wooden token
  • 1x Star wooden token
  • 1x hunter wooden meeple
  • 1x photographer wooden meeple
  • 1x Beaver wooden meeple
  • 16x Player action dice
  • 20x Player kits dice
  • 16x Player territory markers
  • 52x objective cards
  • 32x Wooden cubes
  • 20x Fox paws wooden tokens
  • 4x standing fox wooden meeples
  • 4x sitting fox wooden meeples
  • 4x fox heads wooden meeples
  • 120x wooden resources tokens
  • Rules booklet
  • Bags insert
  • Players components inserts (with lids)
  • Resource insert (with lid)
  • Components insert (with lid)

Village mini-expansion (included in the KS version)

  • 1x Village board
  • 7x Village track tiles
  • 14x Village hunting tiles
  • 4x Fox paws wooden tokens

Firefox mini-expansion (included in the KS version)

  • 1x Firefox board
  • 1x Firefox standing fox meeple
  • 1x Firefox dice
  • 12x Firefox tiles

Exclusive components (included in the KS version)

  • 1x Pink standing fox meeple
  • 1x Black standing fox meeple

Exclusive Campaign Gift

Ruse N’ Write – PNP Games

Available Add-ons

5th player add-on (not included in the KS version)

Neoprene Playmats (not included in the KS version)

  • Main board (2 sided)
  • Players boards (with indents)

Obstacles Standing Wooden Meeples (not included in the KS version)

Card Sleeves – 120 pack  (not included in the KS version)

The fox board game

Unleash Your Den's Instincts!

Raise your pack of kits and ensure their growth


Worker Placement

Resource Management

Action Management

Unique dice mechanic

Embark on a thrilling journey with a competitive board game with captivating mechanics and a Fox theme!

Tile placement

Strategically nurture your fox kits to outsmart your rivals, enhance their instincts to improve their performance, and unlock new abilities while exploring your den.

Engine Building

Discover vital territories, hunt for resources, and manage them prudently to accomplish your objectives.

The fox board game

Get ready to become a master of the game and outfox the competition!

Vital territories
Personal board
Den board
Private objectives
Den tiles/bag
Common objectives
Territories tracks
Action dice space
Bonus den Tiles
Destiny dice, cards and track

Funded at 480% on

Kickstarter in 2023

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It's a theme I'm immediately hooked by! This one has me definitely excited!

Alex - Rahdo

It's a beautiful-looking game! I'm there for it!

Man VS Meeple

Dice has cool and unique mechanics! Aesthetically pleasing! Definitively awesome!

Chris Meeusen - Lieges of games

If you like a fox theme, great artwork, dice management and worker placement, this game is for you!

Rachel - Board Game Burger

I can't wait to insta-back this one - it looks so gorgeous!

Dave Beck - Paverson Games

J'ai adoré! C'est un beau jeu de type euro! C'est satisfaisant!

Pat - Les petits chefs

Amazing! I Love it!

Mochis & Meeples

I absolutely love this game! A game you want in your collection!

Clayton - Just a geeky dad

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