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While developing RUSE, I tried to use colours for players representing varieties of foxes (Vulpes) to remain faithful to the theme. I saw no logic in using yellow, blue, red and green foxes…

The colors are as follows:

Orange : Red fox

Gray : Silver fox

Brown : Amber fox

White : Leucetic fox

Special Fox : Cross fox

OH!… I’m working on this, and you’ll learn more when the campaign launches!

The real critters…

Colour blindness

But since million of people see colours differently, I decided to take things further. To make Ruse more accessible to players struggling with colour blindness or other differences in visual perception, I tried to develop (as possible) a screenprint on the pieces that better differentiates meeples (foxples).

Here is a breakdown of the various tests carried out with the most recent design.

(Test done using Coblis)










I won’t fix everything with this, but I hope it will improve the accessibility. So, if you have any comments, please write to me here.

Curious about your vision and color perception, try this test: https://enchroma.com/en-ca/pages/color-blindness-test
(suggested on the Facebook Board Game Revolution group by Kamil Melesz)

Thank you!

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